Project Findings

Timeline of Refugee and Asylum Seeker Activism in Scotland since 1999.

About this timeline

The timeline above records over 300 actions undertaken in Scotland by refugees, asylum seekers and their supporters since the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 established Scotland as a dispersal zone for asylum applicants, along with key legislation and events. We gathered the data from Nexis UK searches of local and national media outlets, supplementing the initial findings with more targeted searches of social and other media.

We have classified the actions by two main categories: type of action, and the issue it is concerned with. The issues are indicated by colour (documented in the key below), and the type of action is listed in the headline: Demonstration; Vigil; March; Direct Action Appeal; Ongoing Campaign; Blockade/Occupation; Hunger Strike; Petition/Letter and Statement; and Suicide (where it was reported as intended to send a political message).